I write about career planning, time management, goal-setting, books, and Gadgets.

In my articles, you will find practical tips to discover your career dreams, set your goals, and achieve them using daily actions. I value education, career, personal finance, friends & family. You can make a massive shift in your life by taking one small action every week in each of these area.

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Here is my story

Writing gives me mental clarity and makes me feel calm, composed, and organized.

Four years ago, I started writing on Mediu. A significant mindset shift occurred when I saw 150,000 monthly views on my articles.

If someone asks me for one suggestion for their personal and professional growth, then my answer will be to read books.

In 2019 I read 58 books, and I read 40 books in 2018. Books not only provide you with information but also enhance your imagination. Books can create a whole new world in your imagination. Depending upon the genre, it can make you cry, laugh, be scared or be brave.

Reading books is such a blessing to humankind.

Listening to Audiobooks is a powerful method to read books.

You could listen to Audiobooks while doing house chores such as making tea, sorting mail, watering your plants, cleaning dishes, waiting in line, waiting for your wife outside the Bath & Body Works store, or simply relaxing.

I am a leader at AdventHealth.

As a leader, I contribute to AdventHealth’s Agile transformation for our consumer products, such as AdventHealth Mobile App.

We are a team of five product managers, two scrum masters, and about 50 engineers.

I enjoy mentoring my team members to identify their strengths and passions and transform their careers. My most significant influence includes the journey of an application analyst becoming a project manager and a communication specialist becoming a development manager.

One of my strengths is bringing people together to build solutions.

Why should you connect with me?

Your transformation begins when you understand who you are, what excites you, and what gives you energy.

Embark on your journey with me to discover your dreams and decide what you want to become. I write about career journeys, dreams, goals, time management, and books.

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