Writer’s Sunday Zoom Call

  • Welcome our new member
  • Share a win from last week
  • Share your writing workflow
  • Do you have a content calendar?
  • Medium article getting a lot of reactions. Wrote 161 articles this year. (Andy)
  • David updated his squeeze page from 5 offers to only 1 offer and saw better results.
  • 58 consecutive days of daily publishing (Claudia)
  • Built a content calendar (Vinod)
  • Creates headline for each day and then writes content (Claudia)
  • Creates headlines for the week, try with friends, then write content (Andy)
  • Write about interesting things. Using ideas from the writing workflow video from Dickie (Casey)
  • David, Claudia, Andy (Yes they have a content calendar)
  • I just built one and now trying to follow (Vinod)



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Vinod Sharma

Vinod Sharma

I write about 9to5, career growth, goal-setting, productivity & books, and Tech Gadgets. https://twitter.com/AuthorVinod